Friendly talks

Friendly talks is a one way calling app similar to tele counselling in which we have trained executives and professionals who'll connect to the caller for emotional support and connection.

We are

Friendly talks

We humans are the most populated right now in the history of the planet earth. But, we are still so very lonely and isolated. In friendly talks we want to bring people to talk and connect openly and share their emotions and feelings without worrying about anything. Our listeners are trained to be your emotional support and to make you feel heard and validated without judgement. Find a friend with our app and feel connected. Your voice is to be heard not silenced. You are not alone

Awesome Features

Secure Data

At our company, protecting the privacy and security of our customers' data is our top priority.

Uninterrupted customer service

Our customer service team is available around the clock to assist.

Never-before-seen rate

We're proud to offer our customers the lowest prices in the market.

We promise, no one will bother you!

This condition of reciprocity lets you use the app without fear .

Your opinion matters!

Your comments are a tremendous help in improving our application every day. Thanks a million!.

Report inappropriate Listeners

You can block a user or report inappropriate behavior at any time.


₹ 118.00


  • Time 15 min
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₹ 354.00

Base Plus

  • Time 50 min
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₹ 885.00


  • Time 130 min
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₹ 1180.00


  • Time 180 min
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₹ 2360.00


  • Time 400 min
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₹ 14160.00

Unlimited for 1 month

  • Time 15000 min
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